« RAW » is a photographic project composed of twenty photographs divided into ten diptychs. This series illustrates the raw and natural character of the human being, revealed by the technique of ultraviolet photography. Each diptych presents on one side the portrait of a human being devoid of any ornament, presenting himself to the spectator in his own singularity; and on the other side a detail of his body, a more abstract complement to his fleshy envelope. No place is given here to the alteration of reality. The photographs break the barriers of the skin to reveal the true appearance of each subject, immutable and unfalsifiable. The result is a succession of portraits where sensitivity prevails over plastic beauty, questioning the notion of real image and perceived image. Each model offers the viewer an intimate view of his own being, which he can not even perceive by himself. This relationship of intimacy and trust takes the opposite of our society where selfies and social networks project mostly an idyllic vision of our lives.

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