Magnum Photos A global collective of artists and storytellers Magnum Photos is the world's longest standing artists' cooperative. Rooted in long-form documentary practice, for over 70 years, Magnum and its artists have documented world events, pushed the boundaries of visual language, and fostered photographic dialogues. With offices in London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo, Magnum Photos hosts an archive of over 1,000,000 images, develops collaborative projects with media, NGOs and brands, organizes exhibitions globally, and publishes stories that matter to its growing audience of over 5 million. Magnum Photos is committed to making quality education accessible and affordable to the next generation of visual storytellers from across the globe. As a microcosm of the photographic industry and with some 70 years of experience, Magnum Photos provides photographers at different stages in their careers with truly unique educational and professional development opportunities. Activities offer practical, technical and theoretical training to help participants develop their own visual language and the skills required to compete in photography’s ever-changing marketplace. Magnum’s latest offering is the new online learning platform, Magnum Learn. The first course, The Art of Street Photography, brings together seven world-class photographers - Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Susan Meiselas, Peter van Agtmael, Richard Kalvar, Carolyn Drake and Mark Power - plus industry experts, to share their collective insight and experience to help you improve your practice. website
JCDecaux JCDecaux, the world's leading outdoor advertising company, is now present in more than 80 countries and 4,033 cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants, and plays a major role in the transformation of urban universes. It all began in 1964 when Jean-Claude Decaux set up the first advertising bus shelters in Lyon, driven by the desire to beautify cities by installing free street furniture in exchange for the exclusivity of its advertising operations in privileged locations. For more than 50 years, the products and services offered to cities by JCDecaux have been considered the benchmark in terms of eco-design, quality, aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to the expertise of its employees, the excellence of the Group's achievements, particularly in terms of maintenance and upkeep, is recognized worldwide by cities, airport and transport authorities, as well as advertisers. JCDecaux is the only global player to operate exclusively in the outdoor advertising business and to develop all its activities: street furniture, transport advertising and large-format billboards. As a pioneer in digital outdoor advertising, we offer advertisers immense creative opportunities and flexibility through tailor-made and targeted campaigns. With nearly 60,000 digital advertising screens worldwide, we are deploying a new communication experience for brands. It is based on the dynamics of thematic, targeted, affinity and real-time messages. Now, the boundaries of time and space are fading away in favour of contextual communication, allowing more direct interaction with individuals or even with social networks. website
Itinéraires des photographes voyageurs Since 1991, the association " Itinéraires des photographes voyageurs " (animated by the founder Nathalie Lamire Fabre and by Vincent Bengold) proposes every April in Bordeaux- free for the public & between seven to fifteen photographic exhibitions in the main cultural places of the city. To participate, a photography genre of the author and a theme about travelling are given more privilege. Apart from that, no limit. The selection of exhibitions is done by the team's favorites. Each year, the program is composed of singular exhibitions: from classical humanist photography to a more "contemporary" photography, the association " Itinéraires des photographes voyageurs " is animated by a will of eclecticism. "Recognized" photographers agree to join us for an exhibition: Cartier-Bresson, Max Pam, Jean Dieuzaide, Bernard Plossu, Raymond Depardon ... But the association also wants to support artists less known to the general public, especially young artists from Aquitaine like Sarah Caron, Christophe Goussard, Garat Polo, Jacques Sierpinski, Philippe Pons or Stéphane Klein ... One criterion, the singularity of looks. Fidelity is also highlighted by the association, the one with our partners (The City Council of Bordeaux, the Goethe Institute, the Cervantes Institute, the Swiss Consulate, the municipal library and the museums of Bordeaux, the Mercure Hotel Bordeaux Château Chartrons, Fip ..) and also with photographers and professionals of photography (the association image people ...) who support us for several years. Since 2000, " Itinéraires des photographes voyageurs " has been associated with the company Pixels and Grains d'Argent which proposes to the public all tools of communication, a website presenting the wholesome exposure is more than 6000 photographs in line. website
The Anonymous Project In 2017 when filmmaker Lee Shulman bought a random box of vintage slides he fell completely in love with the people and stories he discovered in these unique windows in to our past lives. Collecting and preserving unique colour slides from the last 70 years, the project was born out of a desire to preserve this collective memory and give a second life to the people often forgotten in these timeless moments captured in stunning Kodachrome colour. From the period of the early 1950s, when prices for color photography had dropped to where it became accessible to non-professionals, to the rise of digital cameras, color photography soon developed into the dominant medium to capture daily life. Not just weddings and graduations, or friends posing for friends, or families gathering for portraits, but everything. The magic of color photography is that when the chemicals on the film are exposed to light, color is created. The problem is that these chemicals degrade over time, eventually leaving no trace of the image. Most color slides will not survive beyond 50 years. Unless urgent action is taken, this colorful piece of our collective memory, artifacts of daily life from the 40's up through the digital age, will fade out of existence altogether. These amateur photographs are a kaleidoscopic diary of that era, all the more fascinating and arresting because of their unpolished quality. Often funny, surprising and touching these images tell the stories of all our lives. The Anonymous Project has in turn become an artistic endeavour that seeks to give meaning to these once forgotten memories and create new ways of interpretation and story telling that question our place in the world today. website
Nordic Light Meet the Masters of Photography in Kristiansund, Norway  During the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, world-renowned legends of photography, aspiring photographers, photography students and others interested in photography, art & culture, gather in the small yet charming coastal city of Kristiansund – united by the common passion for photography. The festival program presents lectures, exhibitions, gallery talks, book signings, workshops, portfolio reviews, breakfast movies … Every year we invite around 20 guest photographers to lecture and/or exhibit at our festival. The lectures are filled with first class storytelling, though without technical details. Artistic Director of the festival is the Norwegian photographer Morten Krogvold, who plays a central role in making our festival internationally acclaimed.  Nordic Light have had the pleasure of having master photographers such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, James Nachtwey, William Klein, Mona Kuhn, Greg Gorman, Sarah Moon, Knut Bry and John Swannell. Our intimate and amazing location facilitates unique meetings between the legendary photographers and the festival spectators. At our festival you can meet the stars in the photography world, face-to-face at exhibitions, lectures or even in the festival pub. But Nordic Light is also not only attractive to people in the photography business or people interested in photography. Nordic Light is pretty much about the eye opening meetings between people; between artists and audience, between amateurs and professionals. It’s about exchanging stories and experiences. And all of this surrounded by the beautiful blue light of the Atlantic Ocean.  Nordic Light 2018: 25-29 April in Kristiansund, Norway.  Photographers in attendance: Andres Serrano, Joyce Tenneson, Olivia Parker, Steve Pyke, Joey L,. Roger Ballen & Asger Carlsen, Massimo Leardini, Linda Connor, Akseli Valmunen, Andrea Gjestvang, Pål Laukli and many  more.  website
Musée Picasso The ¡ Picasso ! anniversary exhibition presented on the five floors of Hôtel Salé illustrates the continuity and deep unity of the collection and the history of the museum. The Musée National Picasso-Paris has the world’s largest public collection of Pablo Picasso’s work, covering all his creative periods and all fields, including “Picasso’s Picassos” straight from the artist’s studio. Pablo Picasso’s personal archives and the museum’s archives are at the heart of this exhibition project. They echo the masterpieces and, as most of them have never been exhibited before, give a different interpretation of the life, creative process and circulation of the master’s artworks A large visual collage invites visitors to go on a tour of the five floors of Hôtel Salé starting with the history of the museum (basement), discover a chronological presentation of the major works (ground floor and 1st floor), then “Pablo Picasso – public figure” (2nd floor), and meet the “private Picasso” (3rd floor). This is a contemporary interpretation of Picasso’s works that alternates between rooms featuring dense displays and more intimate sequences. The exhibition at a glance : 4 distinct parts: the history of the museum, the collection masterpieces, Picasso the public figure, Picasso the private figure – 105 paintings (including 86 by Picasso) – 92 sculptures (85 by Picasso) including 22 ceramic pieces, 13 objects and 1 textile artwork – 192 graphic artworks (186 by Picasso) including 94 illustrations, 20 sketch books, 10 illustrated books, 62 prints and et 6 print matrices – 190 photographs – 1 contemporary installation – 4 films and about 30 INA extracts – 314 archives including 223 documents and correspondences, 38 periodicals, 31 publications and 22 objects website
KYOTOGRAPHIE KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival is held annually over four weeks during the height of the spring tourist season in Kyoto, Japan and has a style that is unique in Asia. In 2016, 17 Exhibitions will be spread across the city in various traditional Japanese and contemporary architecture, accompanied by innovative scenography. The exhibitions & events create opportunities, bringing people together of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Now recognized as one of the world’s leading photography events, KYOTOGRAPHIE has attracted some 157,000 visitors from across Japan and overseas in three editions since 2013. KYOTOGRAPHIE 2016 theme is “Circle of Life”. The Circle is the ultimate system, representing the birth, life, and death of all Nature’s creations. Everything is connected to this circle, intersecting and expanding. Creating a powerful pattern, showing us the fragility and beauty of our existence. Through our exhibitions everyone is invited to imagine their own role in the great ‘Circle of Life’. KG? is the satellite event of KYOTOGRAPHIE and aim at showcasing up-and-coming photographers and curators. As the satellite event of KYOTOGRAPHIE, this event serves as a meeting spot for photographers, curators, gallerists and special guests from around the world seeking to exchange information. For this 4th edition in 2016, KG+ aim is to give new talent from Japan an international stage and to welcome international photographers from across the globe. Additionally, one of its main goals is to make photographic expression more accessible; to make the exhibits relate to people’s lives. The various venues throughout Kyoto city help to connect local communities and cultivate cultural exchange and discoveries. Each year an emerging artist from KG? is nominated for the KG?AWARD by Grand Marble. The winner will be granted an exhibition at the 2017 KYOTOGRAPHIE festival. website
RMMRN Réunion des musées métropolitains Rouen Normandie Since January 1st, 2016, nine museums met under the aegis of the Metropolis Rouen Normandy in Rouen, the museum of the Fine art, museum of natural history, the museum of Ceramics, the Secq des Tournelles museum, museum of Antiquities and Joan of Arc Tower, to Elbeuf the Factory of the knowledges, in Petit Couronne the Pierre Corneille museum and to Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville the Vallois ropeworks museum. This initiative aims at protecting the heritage existing for the future generations, but also to revisit him, to emphasize him patiently, and so to renew ceaselessly the desire, the pleasure, the curiosity, the rise which we win to frequent these exceptional heritage. In each of these establishments conjugates at the same time the big History and that of its territory. We take up with the encyclopedic knowlege there which is originally even of the notion of museum, but also the unique testimonies of the genius of the great masters as that of the anonymous craftsmen. So many places to get fresh ideas, to stimulate the imagination and the creativity, to understand the evolution of companies and go back to the sources of the big debates of the contemporary world. Because these treasures of the Metropolis Rouen Normandy, collected and protected through centuries, have a universal value, the access to the permanent collections is from now on free, for all, all year long. In it is added a rich programming of exhibitions temporary as that visible until September 26th, 2016 to the Museum of the Fine art of Rouen : scenes from impressionist life. It is around these "scenes" of life and the intimacy that Wipplay and the museum it are associated to throw a big competition photo this summer. website
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