Blue Mosaic
1963 28 2


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  • Geoffrey_Ramaud

    What an adventure it is to throw oneself into the projects that deserve respect, as the craze is to help others, with originality, but to the extent of meeting standards. Francois breaks the blue mosaic of his swimming pool, to make it standard to offer help to those who need it, who need to learn to swim and those who need it for their health. This fervent defender of nature for his passion for surfing, see further, that of bringing the love of water to those who need it. The color of his hair reflects the joy and warmth that he brings to the world when to his glove, stimulating, reminds him that by working on what reminds him of the ocean, that the pain of sharp bursts of ceramics, the sacrifices , are worth the trouble of being endured to live happier lives of what he undertakes. When love and passion push you to adapt to situations that you previously could not have seen.



Le Château-d'Oléron, Charente-Maritime, France

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