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  • Carine Simoës-Grangeia

    The pool evokes imaginings that cross boundaries to connect us. When it comes to diving in, it is instinctive, our environment and state of mind are known to us at the start, but it can sometimes be more uncertain to know its effects when surfacing. The pool is like a portal, a cocoon of water evocative of countless memories in which it is good to immerse oneself and let oneself travel. What more beautiful dream than to dive into one to end up emerging in another. I dive through this portal of water to savour this fleeting moment when I rise to the surface to discover a horizon that is offered to me. A horizon still a little blurred in the middle of the waves and drops, but which gradually takes shape to become the horizon of all possibilities.



Le Moulinet-sur-Solin, Loiret, France

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