Orange Contest: full on explanation

Virgile 6 ans et demi © DBataille

From 30th May to 16th July in 2018, Wipplay and Orange are teaming up to embrace photography at its glory suited in competition mode: BETTER ME, SMARTER SOCIETY and AUGMENTED PLANET. Here we are warming you up to the spirit of these three photo contests.

BETTER ME: “My Augmented Reality”
#Superman #Wonderwoman #Humanprogress

The mission of BETTER ME is to be able to photograph people whose senses are dialled up. Encircled by the transforming reality, you can pull out instances of tricks, trivia or trial in our routine lives- which stands for our moments of personal development, wake-up call or eureka moment. Synthesize snaps of all forms of progress towards humanity.
Photoproof your statement of a person who is at the intersection of progress in this tomorrow land.


SMARTER SOCIETY : “Smarter, Better, Sooner”
#society #smart #connections #together

Convey us your glimpse of a smarter, well-informed, and utopian society. Find all your chances to click at the perfect examples of this theme while working or jogging or buying flowers. Offer us pictures of a smarter world that also seems ‘it’s a small world’ ; all those momentums of technology dawning upon production, transportation, integration & repetition. Become a photographer with glocal perspective for this contest !

AUGMENTED PLANET: « We don’t have to go to Mars »
#thinkglobal #overvieweffect #myplanetmyvillage

The presumption is to find snapshots of a lonely yet sublime planet, Earth. Your visuality must slide with the notion of- conserving the erosive resources on Earth as well as falling at the feet of Mother Nature. Take us to your imagination of a compatible organic globe, one earth yet wired from pole to pole, a global innovation for the benefit of mankind. Freeze on your ideation of the blue-green body, which is content with all aspects (food, energy, resources,..). Under relatively imprintable scenarios like recycling movements, chemistry between man & earth and other such idea mappings. Also can snap up any background of demographic that shall spell a prospective vision for our planet.