Les Photaumnales

Created by Diaphane in 2003, Les Photaumnales is a highlight of photography in the Hauts-de-France region. Each year, the festival addresses a different theme and presents between 30 and 50 artists. The Photaumnales question and support contemporary photographic creation and diffusion. The object of the festival is to provoke meetings between artists, public and works in a spirit of exchange, curiosity, openness to others and to the world. Diaphane presents exhibitions throughout the country so that both rural and urban populations have privileged access to culture. Photaumnales also have the particularity of developing a very important component of mediation and image education. All-public lectures and guided tours and photographic workshops for young audiences are organized during the festival to provide better access to culture for all. The 2019 edition of the festival deals with the environment, pollution, food, consumption patterns and the future of our planet.


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