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  • Moonfieldeye

    When environmental wonder are reshaped by the tourism industry. 1999 - China grants its first paid leave. 17 years later, tourism is no longer a rare privilege. With 1.3 billion of inhabitants, it is now millions of Chinese tourists who discover each year their own country and history. ? In order to comply with these new tourists’ needs and expectations, sights must develop a way to combine discovery & entertainment. The mass tourism effect dictates how both cultural heritage & natural wonders must be dramatized. Lost somewhere in between Disneyland and fun fairs, what is left today of the antic Silk Road? Daxia Mountains were reshaped to ease their discovery by thousands of tourists carried everyday by dozen of mass buse. This picture is part of a comprehensive photographic project realised in 2016 on the effet of mass tourims in Xinjiang https://moonfieldeye.wixsite.com/bsides/b-sides-en,



Urumqi Shi, Xinjiang, China

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