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  • Jeff_Ramaud

    We will call him Oli. A look of ember in which we get lost so much we can see things, a "viandarde", good living, a little wild and talk little, she likes to get an idea of ??what see before choosing what to do. She's the only one who will get up early in the morning to think about feeding everyone by coming back from the market or the bakery, ordering in a cold tone and biting a coffee at the waiter to whom she does not denigrate a look, while even a thank you. A rebel of modern times who is justified by an intelligence bordering on genius, she does not realize that her normality far exceeds the logic of others. Clope with the beak she does not hesitate to put out her cigarette in the ashtray to make you understand that she is there, leaving the malodorous and pungent smoke caress your nostrils to better let you know who the boss is. A hard leather, way too soft to harden you.



Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, Charente-Maritime, France

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