"Sur terre, ce ne sont pas les occasions de s'émerveiller qui manquent, mais les émerveillés."
Eric-Emmanuel SCHMITT (la nuit de feu)
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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1224 Participations

In motion

From June 10 to July 29 2020
12 Participations


From May 20 to July 1 2020
18 Participations

Painting in Picture

From April 6 to May 13 2020
4 Participations

Postal card

From March 18 to April 22 2020
4 Participations

Around the wine, Human

From March 11 to April 22 2020
6 Participations

Carte Blanche

From February 12 to March 25 2020
19 Participations

Mise en abîme

From January 15 to February 26 2020
8 Participations

In Search of Triangles

From February 6 to April 1 2020
19 Participations
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