“At the heart of animal, vegetable and mineral genius”

surface9 © MorfeuH

You have until November 4, 2020 to participate in the MIMESIS photo contest. The objective of this theme is to immortalize – from near and far – the treasures of nature, by evoking the convergences and resonances with technology, whether real or imaginary …

To inspire your next participation, we present you with a sample of participating images featuring 100% natural creations, each one revealing mineral, plant and animal genius in its own way.


At the heart of the mineral, a disconcerting organization 

Some landscapes present reliefs which are drawn at extraordinarily regular rhythms. One would think they were drawn by the hand of man, so much the surfaces are occupied with a perfectly balanced distribution. Some rivers can meander with disconcerting regularity. 

On a more microscopic scale, the mineral also reveals remarkable balances of forces. The arrangement of the crystals, the density of the textures will suggest a more or less resistant aspect, sometimes even moving. Some rock sections will present surprising movements which are as many materials to photograph. 

surface9 © MorfeuH
Glaucophane bleu © Aldiva

At the heart of the plant, optimal architectures

Filipendula, matteucia, heliopsis, yarrow, St. John’s wort … The names of plants often refer to poetic semantics. But what about their photogenic structures? These plants are remarkable by the symmetry of their veins, the particularity of their metabolism, the distribution of their architecture.  Notice to lovers of the great outdoors and pistil !


Sans titre © Grumpy
Lotus en étoile © lainon
Sans coeur. © zingarina

The animal kingdom and its state-of-the-art equipment 

The infinite capacities of the animal kingdom have allowed it to make a place for itself everywhere: on land, at sea or in the air. The MIMESIS competition is a great opportunity to dive into these different universes to highlight the particularities of all these organisms. 

Jellyfish are an ideal subject for those who wish to photograph an unusual mobility system, not forgetting the ballet of its filamentous tentacles that allow it to capture plankton. The slightest bird’s wing also offers a lot of surprises for those who take the time to photograph the intelligent distribution of its feathers. A truly amazing science ! 

Medusa © ernesto lópez fune
Plumes © virginie d


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