Imagine the future, create your own currency !

From June 23rd to September 1st, Cash Essentials is collaborating with Wipplay for the « Imaginary Currency » photo contest in partnership with Citéco and Global Coin Solutions. You are all invited to imagine a new currency : images, decoration, name of currency, associated value…

The operation aims to illustrate the money’s human and solidarity dimension. The objective is to reclaim this medium of interaction and exchange. So it’s up to you to choose all the elements that will define your own banknote or coin with the story you want to tell us: a project, a desire or a symbolic message. For this operation, here are the two procedures detailed that are available to you.

2 ways to make your currencies

With online templates

Our contest interface offers you several custom-made templates for the creation of your currency. All you have to do is choose one of these « banknote » or « coin » templates, upload your image and fill in the various fields to design your banknote.

© Wipplay
© Wipplay
© Wipplay
© Wipplay

With your own photomontages

If you are a graphic designer at heart and propose a customised montage. You will just have to upload it when you participate and insert your image. As for the templates already edited, you will also have to add some fields to dress up your post. It’s up to you!

Banknotes, visual universes

From monochrome to picturesque

In the past, banknotes were monochrome, sometimes even in black and white. Today, numismatist Ruedi Kunzmann sees a worldwide trend towards more colour: « The newer the banknotes, the more intense their colours. The brighter their colours, the more dynamic their effect. So, depending on its message and symbolism, choose the colour that best conveys the meaning of your currency.

© Wipplay

Patterns :  travel and portrait

The map of a territory, the flag of a country, the name of the currency or the portrait of a former president – there are specific formats found on all the world’s currencies. Be creative and find distinctive designs that challenge the codes.

Off-centre compositions

In a banknote, the image remains fundamental. Even if the essential information remains the number and the motto! Illustrations respond to clear ideas or cultures.  Whether it’s a portrait or an architectural element, it’s up to you to organise your banknote according to the message you wish to convey.


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