On the way to the microcosm, with Denis Dubesset

Ligne aquatique © Denis Dubesset

Among the personalities on the jury of the MIMESIS photo contest is Denis Dubesset, French professional photographer who attaches his personal style to the magic of the moment and focuses on the essential. As a writer, he also wants to help readers develop their creativity and find their own photographic identity. Here he shares some tips for future participants !


© Denis Dubesset

➤ As a keen observer of the microcosm, what types of subjects (animal, vegetable or mineral) seem to you to evoke the greatest achievements of Man?

 Nature is perfect by definition, each of its details having been defined over hundreds of millions of years. It is not easy to imitate it. Man is constantly trying to copy, both for artistic and scientific purposes, what natural evolution has taken so long to elaborate. I think, therefore, that really all subjects can be interesting if approached from the right angle. 

For example, the delicate complexity of the scales of a butterfly’s wing or the membranous structure of a dragonfly’s wings. The detail of the cells of a bee hive whose science has adopted the proportions to create structures with an unequalled weight/solidity ratio. The silk of a spider whose secrets of solidity have still not been unlocked. Or the lotus effect that gives the leaf surface of some plants self-cleaning capabilities. This can be observed on nasturtium leaves in particular.


© Denis Dubesset
Écumes des mers © Denis Dubesset

➤ What are the secrets of successful macro photography?

 Like all photographs, it must be technically mastered. However, the most important thing is the mood of the image and this has more to do with the artistic aspect. You have to pay attention to the composition and the light of course. In close-up, the slightest change of angle upsets the lighting atmosphere and it is very interesting to play with this phenomenon


La barque © Denis Dubesset
Roseau 2 © Denis Dubesset

☞ From September 2 to November 4, 2020, Safran invites you to take part in the MIMESIS photo contest to immortalize – from near and far – the treasures of nature. The aim is to evoke convergences and resonances with technology, whether real or imaginary. So it’s up to you !

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