Chirac's words, in images

This portfolio pays tribute the expressions used Jacques Chirac. You must find the images corresponding to the right quotes! 1981. “What’s happening to channel 2, do you have to heat the camera?” 1982. “I had a rabbit, just so nothing is hidden from you” - (on his childhood soft toy) 1988. “Stop intervening incessantly like a yapping dog” (to Fabius) 1991. “The noise and the scent” 1995. “Are you serious or are you joking?” (to Arlette Chabot who asked him if he plans to renounce presidency in the middle of the campaign) 1996. “What do you want ? Me to go back to my plane and go back to France ? […] This is not a method. This is provocation!” 1998. “And here you go...the French Cup!” (confusing the World Cup and the French) 2000. “An abracadabresque story” 2001. “I would not say they deflate, I would say they pschhhhhit” 2005. “These, these aren’t cows, they’re masterpieces” 2004. “I decide, he executes” (on Sarkozy) 2009. “You know these women, you have to be careful” “Problems, they’re like idiots, they always fly in squadrons”

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