Étreinte entre bougainvillée et vigne

Christelle Camus

Étreinte entre bougainvillée et vigne

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  • Christelle Camus

    During a visit to Cadaqués in the spring, I was struck by the shadows, the textures and the shapes that inhabited it.  I wanted to capture the soul of this town through photography, far from its tourist dimension.  Rather than depicting the inhabitants, I tried to represent the traces of their passage: the rope of a boat, an open window, the texture of white walls, a vine and a bougainvillea that intertwine, or the remains of a party. The only humans visible are dots on a quay, but their imprint is there, real. The black and white silver processing gives a "timeless" vision of the territory. The particular rendering of the lith print on old silver paper accentuates the impression of being out of time.



Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

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