So close but so far

On a deserted winter beach, two silhouettes appear. Their shadows follow each other, sometimes line up, move away. The glances intersect enough to make sure that each being exists on both sides of the invisible border that separates them. Their steps emboss the sand in the same direction but the traces remain distinct. At a given moment, the tall silhouette move towards to the sea. His shadow is watching over the little one who prefers to be alone in the center of his universe. Faithful to his master, the big shadow finally walks away. The little one is bored then in a world so empty. It seeks to join the great one. Two silhouettes are facing the sea. Their shadows meet on the border and become one. The father said to the son: "You see, son, a nothing separates us. And this nothing will always exist. But whatever happens, I'll always be there by your side. "

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