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  • Geoffrey_Ramaud

    It will be called Dimon. Dimon often used to hang out in the beautiful shops and upscale parties, it's the type to sit in a full summer day and tell you with his small booties rising black leather brushed white shirt collar glass of sauvignon in the hand that he likes the sound that hits hard on the terrace of his favorite resto in Italy or in Corsica I do not know any more. Gesafelstein is as much his religion as mine, so this is the party tonight, we take out the cigar in tribute to friends that we do not see too much for a long time, with long coats and locks gominées in the small harbor from the corner to share a keel with a former legionnaire who laughs as much as he cried, the number of holes equal that of a cheese slice makes his tanned skin an argument of his longevity in the face of what he saw die in her arms. always remember his friends, be happy to see friends again.



Bordeaux, Gironde, France

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