Series Ân Hô, the ghost lake

In front of a seascape, our eye goes beyond the horizon. But this ultimate line disappears on a misty lake. Only the story about the place matters. Standing in front of a lake, getting lost in the nuances of water, helps me to free myself of time. I let me drown and dream a story as if I was the first human on this shore. This series is inspired by a tale that I grew up listening to as a kid. "Ân Hô" is a ghost lake supposed to appear to innocent souls in secret places of the world. Draped in mist, the lake appears in a luxuriant nature setting where wildlife and flora harmoniously coexist. Four seasons pass by in a very short time and the lake disappears. According to the legend, an otter sometimes crosses the lake to steal a piece of wood from a magical mangrove. Then the animal comes back to offer it to the lucky lonely being who has discovered the lake. If this piece of magic wood exists, what would it do to us? The legend is told in a thousand different ways. Meanwhile, Ân Hô continues its endless wandering.

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