Dreams Come True
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  • Natalia Kovachevski

    Discovering Croatia was my darling's dream. This trip was my Valentine's Day gift. We decided to immortalize the ephemerality of our dreamlike journey, the voluptuousness of this mystical nature, the captivating secret of these idyllic places and those long curly hair, hypnotic. This love that enveloped us in a sweet torpor, an immense pride, a tender kiss, a silent poetry, which connected us to our stories, to what we were, what we would be. There are people, but also places where you feel support to get your strength back. Havens of peace where nature reinvents you, where you can breathe without realizing it. Where the simplest things return to their exact dimensions, both immutable and changeable. Immediate understanding of things, of time, of beings and of the present moment too ... It is your entire relationship with the world which, suddenly, expands with a thousand colors, a thousand perfumes, becomes tangible and makes you pitch, throb. Your place is here, without you being able to understand, to know "how", or "why" ... The feeling of freedom, of abandonment, is total. The plenitude surprises us while we thought we were so poor, so deprived of everything ... we suddenly find ourselves so rich ... This photo is a self-portrait. We wanted to illustrate our love and show ourselves in these paradisiacal settings...Like a window to an ideal world in which we could finally live without fear for our security. In these moments, I feel the child, the teenager, the woman, all in one soul, attentive to receive, reconciled. Our story was published on Vogue Italia magazine's website and on Plitvice Times magazine. Photographer: Natalia Kovachevski Models: Alisson Kubany & Natalia Kovachevski http://www.plitvicetimes.com/plitvice-lakes-vogue-italia-spirit-forest/


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