« Hong Kong Coiffeur pour dames et messieurs » - NYC - 2012

Sandy San

« Hong Kong Coiffeur pour dames et messieurs » - NYC - 2012

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  • Sandy San

    You have to leave the touristy boundaries of Manhattan, leave Canal Street from the north to go into the small alleys of Chinatown, so dark that time suddenly disappears and you no longer distinguish day from night. In a few steps, the eyes reconstruct the history of this neighbourhood while bodies hide and fast-moving shadows are swallowed up by narrow staircases leading to basements where the uninitiated seem to have no right of entry. This could be China, or rather Hong Kong as it is indicated on the window in big, flamboyant and luminous letters, if a few details did not cast a subtle but haunting doubt, like this luminous sign next to the door and bearing the colours of the American Dream, or a few photos of young people with "round eyes"... In green letters and in non-simplified writing, as is always the case in Hong Kong, "Hairdresser for ladies and gentlemen"... and here you are transported into the murky and ageless world of Suzie Wong and the Hong Kong of the 1960s.



New York, New York, United States

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