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  • Sophielib

    This photograph is from the series "Hypersensitive". Elie is a very sensitive child who reacts strongly to the world around him. In addition to having a highly sensitive emotional state and a very sharp mind, his senses are heightened, especially hearing, sight and touch. Too many thoughts, too many emotions, too much empathy sometimes lead him to react in ways that are considered disproportionate where others would remain unmoved. At the age of 12, he expresses himself on his difference and begins to understand his hyperesthesia: what he sees dazzles him, what touches others shakes him, what makes him happy transports him. He is hypersensitive and experiences everything very strongly, like 20% of the population. This hypersensitivity is a character trait and not a pathology. One is born hypersensitive and grows up with its good and bad sides. Processing more information and more intensely than a "non-hypersensitive" person, the hypersensitive person is more easily over-stimulated. Elie tries to find his place in a normalised society, while welcoming his difference as a strength, even if sometimes he would like to "make his head stop thinking". He naturally turns to adults to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and in his moments of doubt and questioning, he withdraws, finding refuge and appeasement in daydreaming. This place where no one judges him.



Paris, France

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