Inconnue de gare


Inconnue de gare

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  • Yragael

    As for the photo, it was taken at the Montpellier station while I was on my way to Toulouse. During the stop, I was attracted by the rectangle that the light cut through the dock (as if falling from a well) which contrasted with the semi-darkness of the surrounding structures. Structures that drew a geometric set of vertical and horizontal lines crossed by the leaking rails. It was at the moment when I was going to trigger that the traveller appeared on the left in the shadow of the traveller. I waited for it to reach the luminous rectangle, praying that no other traveller would appear and I triggered. Accessory 1st prize of the jury of the SNCF's Chasseur de Trésor competition in 2016. Translated with



Montpellier, Hérault, France


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