Éditions Xavier Barral

Created in 2002, Éditions Xavier Barral publish books taking a visual approach to the new shapes of photography, contemporary art and sciences. Each book is a singular object whose aesthetic, editorial and design choices take pride of place. Different points of views meet between artists and authors from around the world. The catalogue lists over 100 critically acclaimed titles including D’après nature by Jean Gaumy, Vers l’Orient by Marc Riboud (2012) and So Long China by Patrick Zachmann (2016), recipients of The Prix Nadar, as well as Anticorps by Antoine d’Agata, winner of the Rencontres d'Arles Festival 2013 Author Book Award. More recently Sergio Larrain won the Krasna-Krausz Book Award and Images of Conviction, the Paris Photo – Aperture Photobook Award in 2015. To access the full catalogue:


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