" tué dans l'oeuf "
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  • Geoffrey_Ramaud

    to drink from the love that is carried to you is not endless, the happy memories of the past remain some time with you and disappear in sudden explosion leaving the few remaining in their turn, not protected and doomed also to disappear The difficulty of adapting to this arid world, or you alone can bring water, marks your body of the fight that is your survival. a little girl playing in the little foam that remains of the "afternoon foam" Camping. Accompanied by a monitor of the campsite, she had to understand with her eyes that I was with them, and therefore pulls me "the face" as they say here, not to have added more, or maybe making me understand that it was a liar to her that skipping the head first in, did not have the same effect as in the bath, but it is perhaps more her nose that tells me.



Royan, Charente-Maritime, France

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