I am Krishnasis Ghosh. Now I am 29. By Profession I am an Accountant in a reputed MNC ompany, Kolkata. Apart from my profession , I am an Armature Photographer. It had started when I was in college, And it has been continuing from the last 8 years. I am a fun loving person, can mix with people very easily. It helps me a lot during photography. For enchasing my creativity in photography I do read lots of Novels, story and magazine, which really helps me to do thinking something new. In my opinion photography is a medium to convey the moments of life in a different way. Which may gives you a different feelings from the bottom of your heart. My favorite subject is Street photography and Human Interest photography.

Some Achievements:
1) 2nd Award in Prafulla Dhanuka Art Foundation,2015 India.
2) Certificate of Merit in Life Beyond Tourism, 2015, Italy.
3) Certificate of Merit Award in Women Biodiversity 2014, Italy.
4) Finalist in People catagory Smithsonian Magazine Photo contest. USA.
5) 1st Award in Yellow Talks Photo Contest,2016, India.
6) 3rd Award Bronze in Eye Line Photo Contest,2016, India.
7) Distinction Award in 4th Vistula International Art & Design Competition,2015, Poland.
8) 3Rd Award in Creative Image Photo Contest,2016, India.
9) Special Mention Award in Akhay Patra Click a Smile Photo Contest,2015, India.
10) Merit of Honor Award in Yoga Photo contest,2016, Organized by Govt of India.
11) Viewer’s Choice Award in Studio 15 Photo Contest,2016.
12) Merit of Honor Award in Delcasa Photo Award,2014, London.
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